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5 stars


Maya by far is my favorite accountant, she takes care of my paperwork from a-z I don’t have a single worry in my mind she’s always on track & provides the absolute best service you can get! Id recommend The Bookkeeping company to anyone and everyone out there!!

Eduard Shkolnik, January 2020

Maya is super quick at filling our taxes . She also gives us tips on what receipts or forms we should be keeping for next year. She is professional, friendly and makes the whole process stress-free.

Karen De La Torre, January 2020

Maya is great! She is always available for me at any moment. Always solves problems really fast for me and she goes above and beyond. Before her I have work with other accountants and they don’t compare. Not to mention Her prices are really competitive! Highly recommended!

Kory Gub, January 2020

I highly recommend The Bookkeeping Company for your bookkeeping needs! I went through two bookkeepers until I found Maya. She has helped my business with complex insurance audits, 1099's, and bookkeeping for the past two years. She's an excellent communicator, quick to respond, and always keeps us on time for tax season. If you want your books done right the first time, learn from my mistakes and give her a call!

Luxe Laser, January 2020

Very happy with the service i received. Allways available when i needed her, i highly recommended her services.

Fatima Rolon, January 2020