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Bookkeeping Vancouver WA

Meet Maya

Maya is a highly skilled and experienced bookkeeper founded The Bookkeeping Company out of a desire to assist small businesses in their growth.

She saw an opportunity with her associate degree in accounting to give specialized bookkeeping services to small businesses that were often disregarded or underserved.

Maya’s basic business approach of providing high-quality services at a fair price, combined with her dedication to developing solid client connections, aided her company’s rapid growth. Maya is committed to giving her clients the finest service possible and is always willing to go the additional mile to assist them accomplish their financial objectives.

Her knowledge and leadership have contributed significantly to The Bookkeeping Company’s position as a premier provider of bookkeeping services in Vancouver, Washington.

Why Choose Us

We provide precise and effective personal finance and small business bookkeeping services that are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our innovative technology ensures that financial advice is provided in a fast and accurate manner. We assist clients in saving time, being compliant, gaining insights, improving cash flow, attracting investors, planning for the future, and reducing stress. Choose us to concentrate on what is most important: expanding your business.

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Our Process to Manage Your Finances

Our process makes it simple for new clients to begin working with us. To begin, schedule a discovery call by Zoom, video call, or phone call. To further understand your needs, we recommend having a discovery conversation and completing our new client intake form.

We determine if we are a good fit during the call. If we are unable to provide a price right away, we will analyze your financial records or QuickBooks to provide an accurate quote. If you are pleased with the quote, we will email you a proposal to sign.
So, take the first step and schedule a call.

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