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Book your One-on-One 1-5-hour accounting strategy session.

What Is VIP Day

VIP Day is a One-on-One 1-5-hour accounting strategy session in which we will focus on accounting system establishment, company registrations, customized tax strategies, established standard accounting processes, and much more.

Do you have an amazing business idea, but need a little strategy. Have you ever thought, if only I can have a Business 101 class? Are you prepared to learn information to pivot your business to a multi-million company? Would you like to get all of this, in a lux comfortable environment catered specifically to you and your needs? You need a VIP Day!

You Can Choose


Lets strategize and decide what business structure best suites your business. Ensure that you are properly registered and in complience with State and Local laws. End the session knowing that you have a fully legit business!

Accounting System

Does your accounting records accurately reflect your business’s financial situation? Do you have a functioning accounting system to pull company’s financial information at any time? Leave the meeting with an establish and well functioning accounting system, that takes the stress out of accounting.

Tax Stratgies

Want to ensure that you are properly planning for your tax obligatons? Is an S-Corp the proper election to make? Are you maximizing your tax deductions? The end of the VIP day, your business will have a solid tax plan.

Business Analysis

Have you ever been asked to provide financial statements for your business? Can you pull data to support major decisions in your business? During VIP day, we will establish your staple financial statements and learn how to use them to do some important business analysis.

Bookkeeping Vancouver WA

Meet Maya

Maya is a highly skilled and experienced bookkeeper and accountant who founded The Bookkeeping Company with a desire to assist small businesses in their growth.

She saw an opportunity, with her associate degree in accounting, to provide specialized bookkeeping services to small businesses that were often disregarded or underserved.

Maya’s basic business approach of providing high-quality services at a fair price, combined with her dedication to developing solid client connections, has aided her company’s rapid growth. Maya is committed to providing her clients with the finest service possible and is always willing to go the extra mile to help them accomplish their financial objectives.

Her knowledge and leadership have contributed significantly to The Bookkeeping Company’s position as a premier provider of bookkeeping services in Vancouver, Washington.

Get The Recordkeeping Basics And Income & Expense Worksheet For FREE!

The recordkeeping basics will help you to know if you are in a profit or losing money. In order to track all of that this worksheet will be helpful. It breaks down your income and expenses into categories and allows you to compare your budgeted spending side-by-side with your actual spending.

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